Permanent Cosmetic Training for Oregon Tattoo Artists

This program is open only to licensed tattoo artists in Oregon.  The course is 6 clinic days plus home study and practice in addition to class time. Depending on your background you may need to take additional training either with us or elsewhere. If you don’t have strong makeup skills, you may need training in brow design.  People skills are a must.  You must have correctable 20-20 vision and the ability to see the full color spectrum.  Task glasses with 2x magnification are required for the hands on portion. Black scrubs are the uniform.

The program is done in three training sessions spaced approximately one month apart.  The balance of the hours is home-study.  You are allowed 4 weeks to do your pre-study and then the first session is 2 days.  You go home and practice your new skills on synthetic materials and stretching techniques on friends. The second session is 2 days and you start your hands-on work.  You return home and continue to practice.  The final session is 2 days to complete all procedures done in session 2.

All students must complete at least 2 new procedures and at least 1 cosmetics re-enhancement for each area they wish to be certified in.  These are the areas in which you will be able to obtain insurance coverage and they will be listed on your completion certificate.  Completed procedures are those where you see the client on your following visit to see how the tattoo has healed and make any necessary adjustments.

Tuition                         $3000.00

Supplies                       $1750.00

Total                            $4750.00

Students are accepted on a space available basis.  A $200.00 deposit plus the supply kit must be paid up front so we can order and send you your supplies.  $1000. is due at the commencement of the first day of training class session one.  $1000 is due at the commencement of the first day of training session two.  The final $800 is due at the commencement of the first day of training session three. NO REFUNDS on supply kits should you drop the program.