Areola restoration

Women who have had to undergo mastectomy and re-constructive breast work often find the resulting areola color to be far different from their natural remaining breast. This technique, with the aid of topical anesthetics, restores color to the faded tissue and re-creates a much more natural appearance. For those who hate their scars – these too can be beautified. Our personal experience as a survivor means we understand what you have gone through and your very personal desires to look your best. Pre-service consultations are required so we can best assess your needs and ensure the best possible results.  I will work with you and your physician to help complete this healing process.

Areola recoloration for a 3-d realistic look typically takes three visits each two months apart. We find a single visit coloration does not give satisfactory long term outcome.  Note that since we are working over a basically scar tissue, each person experiences different duration of lasting before it need additional coloration.  Fading of color is normal and to be expected.  Re-coloration within five years typically only takes a single visit.  Heavily faded work will require multiple visits to restore it to pristine appearance.

No areola client will be turned away based on inability to pay. We also now offer insurance billing and are approved for most the most popular firms.  If we are not yet set up with your insurance company, we will work to make this happen. If you have no insurance coverage ask about alternatives.

All appointments require a credit card number to secure your appointment.  If you need to reschedule, please call in advance to avoid a no show fee charged to your card.

Consultations: $75 – 100% applies to your appointment within 60 days.

Consultation + same day procedure requires $200 deposit which applies to the treatment service that day.