Skin Care and Permanent Cosmetic Services

Services offered…

All skin care and permanent cosmetic services are customized to meet your skin needs and goals.

Below the explanation of services is a price menu.

Skin Care Services Consultation

30 min. This is an opportunity to learn about your needs and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Deep cleansing services 

60 min. cleanse, exfoliation, massage, extractions, mask Great for problem skins, popular with male clients to keep their skin well maintained.

AHA Facial  treatment

60 min. AHA’s exfoliate the skin to leave it looking smoother and clearer. Often includes Ultrasonic or Hydro Microdermabrasion to prep the skin for a more effective peel once we know how your skin responds. Corrective serums are penetrated and then a Collagen Facial Blanket Mask deeply hydrates the skin leaving it soft and glowing.

Express AHA – 30-minute version of full  AHA treatment

Rosacea Treatment 

30 minutes.  Powerful botanicals help to eliminate one of the common causes of Rosacea and reduce inflammation

Skin Smoothing Treatment   

60 minutes. This fabulous treatment will have you glowing!  You will see the results in just one treatment but yes, you can have more.  Skin will feel smoother, plumper, glowing. We start with a gentle fruit enzyme exfoliation. This is followed by a Clearista exfoliating and hydrating scrub and then custom therapy based on your skin.  Your skin will look healthier, smoother and more even immediately.

 SWiCH Anti-Aging

60 minutes.  Repair, Rebuild, Protect.   Sort of like a peel but it’s not. It works differently to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin triggering energy production naturally. It continues to work for 30 days. Instead of a quick fix patch, it works with your body to enhance healthy skin.

 Ultrasonic Treatment

60 minutes.  Suitable for all skin types.  Gentle exfoliation first with a fruit derived enzyme. We then do gentle ultrasonic scrubbing. Next,  we infuse the skin with repair serums. Finally, we finish with micro-massage to optimize skin health. Helpful for minimizing fine lines and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

It helps maintain a youthful glow with regular treatments. This treatment is also great for rosacea or acne prone skins as the gentle vibration of sound waves loosens impactions making them easier to remove.

Microdermabrasion hydro and standard

60 minutes.  This is a gentle but effective exfoliation. It is followed by anti-aging serum infusions.  We start with the diamond wand microdermabrasion to exfoliate and then switch to the hydro (moist) dermabrasion. This step hydrates the skin. It’s great for dehydrated or sensitive skins for exfoliation without irritation.  Can also be done in conjunction with facial toning.

 Facial Toning  Services

60 minutes.  Helps re-educate the muscles for a firmer more youthful appearance. Targets fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, and elasticity. Offers intense hydration.  Recommended twice weekly in a series of 12. For those under 45, a series of 6 is recommended.  Monthly maintenance continues to improve the appearance of the skin.  We can also include other skin therapies.

 Other peels: 

Salicylic or BHA peels which can be very effective for clogged pores and anti-aging.  Mandelic peels are superior for helping reduce brown spots on those with sensitive skins or for darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick 4+). We will guide you in the best treatment for your skin.

 Note: Some peels require pre-treating the skin with home care before the peel is done. This is a manufacturer’s requirement to protect you and achieve optimum results.

 Cell Youth Actif PlusTM 45 min

(3-Phase Youth Activating Treatment) Your skin will be glowing, hydrated and feel renewed. Great prior to a special day or when you’re feeling stressed.


Add on to the above services:

For a small extra fee, we can upgrade your treatment to include…

–    Hands or décolleté

–    LED  (Light Emitting Diode:  Improves the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, and function.  Anti-aging light: firmer skin, minimizes wrinkles. Acne light: clearer skin and refines pores. Rosacea light: relieves small bumps, blemishes, and redness)

–    Norwegian Antioxidant Masque 30 minutes.  Superior therapy for stressed skin.

 Questions?  Please call 541-344-7789.


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Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

Eyebrows, eyeliner or lip coloration to make your life easier. Initial procedures I will always see you twice to assure a great outcome.

Re-enhancement is a pumping up of existing color.  It is a single visit service.  Color correction or other corrective work is charged on a per visit basis as the requirements vary from client to client and the extent of the problem.

Color correction or other corrective work is charged on a per visit basis as the requirements vary from client to client and the extent of the problem.


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SKIN Services

Min  Price
Consultation 30*  $    40
* redeem in products
Deep Cleansing Facial 60  $    75
AHA Facial (w/Collagen Facial Blanket) 60  $    95
Express Treatments 30  approx. 30% discount
Rosacea Treatment 20  $    30
SWiCH Anti-Aging Therapy 60  $  125 express not avail
Ultrasonic Treatment 60  $    95
Microdermabrasion standard (incl neck) 60  $    90
Add hands or décolletage  $    25
Add LED  $    20
 Microdermabrasion plus Hydrodermabrasion 60  $  125
(add on peel, toning, mask) to 60  $  125
Microcurrent Facial Toning 60  $  125
Cell Youth Actif PlusSkin Smoothing Treatment 45



 $  125 face

$150 face & neck

$200 face, neck and declotte’

express not avail

 Hair Removal Services

Facial waxing  $15-35
Underarm wax  $    20
Bikini (no Brazilian)  20-40
lower leg  $    35
Back or chest wax  $30-50

Permanent Cosmetics 

Brows3-D Hair stroke or powder blend  brows  $600 2 visits

Eyeliner with upper halo



 2 visits

3-4 visits

Lips -blended outline

Full lip color

 $  600


 2 visits

3 visits

Re-Enhancement (consultation required)                $300  per visit
Camouflage & areola re-coloration  $200/hr
Booking Fee (same day consult and appointment)  $    50