Permanent Cosmetic Continuing Education

Color theory browns

So many browns

Best Tips for Beautiful Brows

Judi specializes in sharing the tips and techniques that will help you create amazing beautiful brows that will stand the test of time. Just as there isn’t one facial, or haircut right for every person… there isn’t one brow look that is right for all.  You need multiple techniques.


  • Brow styles and techniques – hair strokes, highlights, and lowlights, powder fill
  • Brow techniques you might want to rethink
  • Styles to avoid
  • Client coaching
  • How to get the best brow color
  • Greying down
  • Best techniques to great outcomes and minimal skin irritation

Bring your device and practice. Due to strict Oregon laws, we will be working on synthetic mediums.

Friday, November 2, 2018, 9AM-4Pm Working lunch included. Pre-registration required.   This class is full/closed.  If you are interested in this topic, please contact us for 2019 dates.

To register, please click the button.  It will take you to your PayPal page. Log in and you will see the option to purchase the class.

Fee: $850 CLASS Full/Closed.



Color Theory, Color Selection & Color Correction 

Great class and full too.  If you missed it and need continuing education please call me: 541-344-7789!

Color theory for permanent cosmetics is much more complex than for traditional tattooing. The better we understand color theory, the easier it becomes to select the perfect color for the client so it will age beautifully.
Clients who come in for brow re-enhancements bring their own set of color challenges. Funky unevenly faded brows, greenish brows, grey brows, old bluish brows. There isn’t one answer or solution… it all depends. We’ll take an in-depth look at the problems and solutions.
We’ll also introduce color selection for scar camouflage and the challenges of re-pigmenting skin.
Bring your problems and let’s brainstorm to discover the best options.
Handouts, Certificate of Attendance and lunch included.
To register online, please click the button. It will take you to your PayPal page.  Log in and you will see the option to purchase the class you have selected.
$495.00 per person. Call to register: 541-344-7789.

Areola Re-Coloration Training   

This class is FULL! If you missed it and want to learn this service, please contact me about a future date: 541-344-7789

Areola recoloration

Areola recoloration

I am a breast cancer survivor. In this class, I will share my 25 years of experience in areola re-coloration. Each mastectomy patient is unique. But they all need your caring heart and expertise to complete their healing process. Traditional and 3D areola coloration included.  It is a 1-1/2 day class that includes how to do the insurance billing and pricing.

Areola Re-coloration Topics:

Understanding the client and managing expectations

  • Skin assessment
  • Designing the areola re-coloration and the process
  • Color selection
  • Techniques for coloration with existing nipple
  • Techniques for coloration with no nipple (3-D)
  • Hands-on practice with synthetic material
  • Documentation
  • Fees and considerations for insurance billing.
  • Each attendee will receive $200 in materials and supplies: SPCP Areola Recoloration manual, practice materials with and without a nipple, lunch. Students must bring their own equipment.

Limited space. Please call for more details. Fee: $995  $200 non-refundable deposit required.  Balance due the day of the class.

An Added Bonus – Hands On Live Model Training Option

A unique bonus will be the option of following this training will be the opportunity for you to bring in a live model. I will guide you through the process of re-coloration. We will meet 3 times over a six month period. You will have my experience to support your learning all the way. This is a unique opportunity not taught in conjunction with most areola classes. For more details please contact me: 541-344-7789

Class Details

When: Thursday, June 28, 2018 – 12:30-4:30

Friday, June 29th, 2018   – 9-4.

Where: Esthetics NW clinic 81 Centennial Loop #3, Eugene, OR 97401

Working Lunch included on Friday.

The link will take you to your PayPal page.  Log in and you will see the option to purchase the class you have selected.

Cost: $995.00

Questions: contact Judi: 541-344-7789

This class is for licensed tattoo/permanent cosmetic technicians only.  This class does not meet the criteria to become licensed in Oregon.

For Oregon post-license training in Permanent Cosmetics, please visit here.

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