Medical Skin Recoloration

Medical skin recolorationmedical re-coloration 040medical re-coloration

Medical Skin Recoloration, sometimes called Camouflaging can take two different courses. A traditional artistic tattoo can be applied over the discoloration or scar.  For skin where color is absent, tattooing adds the missing color. The goal is to match the surrounding area. This work is done by a specially trained medical tattoo specialist.

Re-coloration is most successful in those areas not exposed to the daylight on a regular basis. The surrounding skin will change color from UV exposure, even if protected by sunblock, but the tattooed area will not change with it.  Skin re-coloration adds color to the skin to hide “white” scars or where the skin is lacking color.

If the area is otherwise discolored, (dark or red), a traditional artistic design may be the better answer to disguise it. As tattooing has become mainstream, many more people are turning to this method to convert something that bothers them, into a thing of beauty. I do not do artistic tattooing, but if this is the best answer for you I will be happy to refer you to qualified technicians.

Medical skin recoloration process:

If you need camouflage procedures please be aware this process is not a quick one. First, we need to do test patches in the area to find the best skin tones for you. We need to allow complete healing between tests. Sometimes one test will do it, other times it may take several.  Test patches are every 4-8 weeks. The skin must heal completely for a good color reading.

Once we have identified the best pigments we can start the coloration process.  Treatments are every 4-8 weeks. The skin must heal completely before more skin tones are added. Success requires time and commitment on the part of both your part and mine.

Medical skin recoloration considerations:

  • Camouflage is not successful in hiding “hyperpigmentation” (dark spots). This is better achieved by a cosmetic camouflage product. Want something more permanent?  Consider a traditional tattoo design. We would be happy to assist you in determining what would be the best for your individual problem.
  • We get inquiries about camouflaging vitiligo. Historically tattooing vitiligo has not been successful. Vitiligo is a disease that spreads.  Tattooing might also cause more spreading. Vitiligo also occurs on areas exposed to daylight. This means the color doesn’t hold well.
  • It will fade.  Because of the lower intensity of the tone, exposed areas can fade quickly.  Routine re-enhancement will be necessary.

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