Testimonials… here’s what my clients say…

Lives made easier, confidence better, problems solved.

It is nearly 2 years since I walked into your office. At that time I was in a very difficult, long-standing situation with my family. As I spent every waking moment caring for the intense needs of my family, I heard numerous times from family and friends that I should “do something for myself.” So I did. I came to see you.

I am half Norwegian and half Finn. Got my light coloring from my Nordic genes and my squinty eyes from my Mongolian side. I never wore much makeup but felt without it my eyes disappeared. If I went out without makeup, I always felt “unmade.”

You, Judi, did an excellent consultation and very clearly outlined what you could do for me. As a registered nurse, I was impressed by your safety concerns and your sterile procedures. I knew I would be in good hands. I returned to your office to have my eyes outlined in a custom-color you helped me choose. The outcome was better than I had even dared

I returned to your office to have my eyes outlined in a custom-color you helped me choose. The outcome was better than I had even dared hope. I awaken in the morning and know when I turn to look at my wonderful husband, he can see my eyes! A quick shower, dry my hair and dash out the door. And feel comfortable and confident! I love looking in the mirror and seeing myself with eyes that for the first time in my life stand out. When I choose to put makeup on, the effect is doubled. Thank you, Judi. I would recommend your kind and expert professional service to anyone. JM

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 I just wanted to let you know HOW HAPPY I am with my beautiful brows! Of course, I’m always so pleased with your lovely work but this time you truly outdid yourself! It’s just been a week today, but the healing process has been a breeze and the shape is wonderful. I really appreciate you making my makeup routine–and my life–so much easier.
Thanks again Judi~  KF

The permanent makeup on my eyebrows and the eyeliner looks really good. I feel blessed to have this solution for my alopecia.
Thanks Judi for doing such a great job. I’m really happy with the results. CD

Thank you so much for my beautiful eyebrows. It has made such a big difference in my life and I am thrilled. JK

 This may sound silly but I want to thank you for choosing your profession. It is wonderful what you do for people like me. I have a new self-confidence. If only more women knew that they could have this done! It is a miracle. Thank you. JP
Having no eyebrows is frustrating and makes you feel like you look ill. Thanks to my permanent brows, I no longer have to worry about that. I get up looking great.  BH


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I don’t know why I waited so long. Love my brows and it makes getting ready in the mornings so much faster. LC

 As a medical professional, I need to look the part and never overdone. You have helped me achieve the perfect balance of polish and professionalism in permanent makeup. LL
 It’s been great getting to know you this year.  I consider myself really lucky to have “found” you! I love my brows and am pleased with all you did for me. Thank you!! I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again in the new year.  LS
 I’ve wanted to send this card to thank you again for your professional help.  Your kind, gentle nature and reassurances is a gift that sets you apart.  It was a pleasure meeting you. Please call if you are in my area and take care.  ML
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