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Skin Care Services

It is our goal at Esthetics NW to assist each client in achieving their short and long term skin care goals. We specialize in individualized treatments to optimize results.  Each facial will be customized to best meet your needs and best address the condition of your skin today. We offer a diversity of facials that incorporate many different modalities including microdermabrasion, ultrasonic, galvanic, high-frequency, microcurrent, LED and IPL to enhance results.  We offer chemical exfoliation using glycolic, lactic, mandelic, citric and other acids as appropriate for the skin. Esthetics NW is your provider of quality custom skin care.

Be the best you can be

Be the best you can be

  • Anti-Aging Skin Care ServicesConsultation                 30 minThis is an opportunity to learn about your needs and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.


    Deep cleansing therapy        60 min

    cleanse, exfoliation, massage, extractions, mask

    Great for problem skins, popular with my male clients to keep their skin well maintained.


    AHA Facial                    60 min

    AHA’s exfoliate the skin to leave it looking smoother and clearer. Often includes Ultrasonic or Hydro Microdermabrasion to prep the skin for a more effective peel once we know how your skin responds. Corrective serums are penetrated and then a Collagen Facial Blanket Mask deeply hydrates the skin leaving it soft and glowing.

    Express AHA – 30 minute version of full treatment   – AHA exfoliation and serum penetration.

    Rosacea Treatment      30 min

    Powerful botanicals help to eliminate one of the common causes of Rosacea, and reduce inflammation


    SWiCH Anti-Aging         60 min

    (Repair, Rebuild, Protect)         Sort of like a peel but its not. It works differently to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin triggering ATP (energy) production naturally. It continues to work for 30 days.

  • Oxygen Therapy           60 min
  • This treatment delivers oxygen to the skin to disinfect, destroy bacteria that causes acne, and works to brighten the skin and fade discolorations.
  • Ultrasonic Treatment 60 minSuitable for all skin types.  Fine lines, wrinkles diminished, and youthful glow with regular treatments
  • Microdermabrasion hydro and or dry 60 min.

This is a gentle but effective exfoliation with anti-aging serum infusion following.  The hydro (wet) microdermabrasion is great for dehydrated or sensitive skins for exfoliation without irritation.  Can also be done in conjunction with facial toning.


  • Facial Toning                60 min

Helps re-educate the muscles to impart a firmer more youthful appearance. Targets fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, elasticity with intense hydration recommended twice weekly and in a series of 12. For those under 45, a series of 6 is recommended with evaluation following.  Monthly maintenance continues to improve the appearance of the skin.  Can also be done in conjunction with other skin therapies.


Other peels: Also offered are Salicylic or BHA peels which can be very effective for clogged pores but also for anti-aging.  Mandelic peels are superior for helping reduce melisma or brown spots on those with sensitive skins or for darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick 4+).


NOTE: Some peels require pre-treating the skin with home care before the peel is done. This is a manufacturer’s requirement to protect the client and to achieve optimum results.


Cell Youth Actif PlusTM 45 min

(3-Phase Youth Activating Treatment)

LED  skin rejuvenating light soothes irritated skin, kills acne bacteria and stimultes positive skin growth.  Like a “grow light” for skin.  Available as a stand alone treatment, a therapy add on or for purchase to use daily at home.

Add on to the above services:

–    Hands or décolleté

–    LED  (Light Emitting Diode:  Diminishes wrinkles, increases collagen.  Anti-aging light: firmer skin and less wrinkles, Acne light: clear skin and smaller pores, Rosacea light: relieves small bumps, blemishes and redness)

–    Norwegian Antioxidant Masque 30 min


All services available in packages, buy 5 get the 6th free.

Ask about our client referral program  and earn free services!!


Skin Care Products  

Esthetics NW features our own custom formulated ENW collection of clinical skin care that focuses on the benefits of botanicals to improve and enhance the appearance of the skin.  We round out these offerings with 2 additional lines that are very therapeutic in focus:  Mark Lees Science Made Beautiful Skin care and Circadia by Dr. Pugliese.  With this wide scope of products we can meet the diverse needs of our skin care clients.   Your esthetician will evaluate your skin and based on your goals guide you to incorporating products that will allow you to see the maximum enhancement of your skin when combined with treatment therapies.

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