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Areola re-coloration

Areola re-coloration gives you back nipples you lost to breast cancer.  After surgery and therapies, reconstruction can begin. Once this is completed, then missing color can be added. That’s when doctors refer the patient to a medical camouflage specialist for tattooing.  Patients may have a surgically added nipple. Sometimes they have just the mound.  Whatever your needs, I can help you move forward.

Every patient’s story and issues are a little different. Sometimes the patient has a surgically added nipple. Sometimes they have just the mound.  Whatever your need, I can help you move forward.

Paramedical tattooing restores missing color. It gives a more normal appearance to the breast. My clients are delighted at the difference tattooing makes. You go from nipple-less mounds to breasts. Boosted self-confidence at home, a spa, or the gym.  Anywhere you might be changing. People notice less than we think. And they notice even less when there is color where expected.

For a consultation please call 541-344-7789. We’ll meet, assess your needs and make a plan.  I will work with you and your physician in this step of the healing process.

Areola recoloration for a 3-d realistic look typically takes three visits. Scheduling is about two months apart. We find a single visit coloring does not give satisfactory long term outcome.

Long-term areola re-coloration

All tattoos fade.  Areola re-coloration is no exception. We are working on scar tissue and it doesn’t behave like normal skin. It fades differently.  And it’s different for each person.  Your skin and the mirror will tell you when you need more.  Re-coloration within five years typically only takes a single visit.  Heavily faded work will require multiple visits.

We do insurance billing and are accepted by the most common Oregon providers.

To protect our clients privacy, photos are only of the treated region. More examples are available in the clinic.

Please call for a consultation so we can evaluate your unique needs.  541-344-7789.

Appointments require a credit card number to secure your appointment.  If you need to reschedule, please call in advance to avoid a no-show fee charged to your card.

Consultations: $75 – 100% applies to your appointment within 60 days.

Consultation + same day procedure requires $200 deposit which applies to the treatment service that day.

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