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Clinic Policies

Be the best you can be
Be the best you can be

Clinic Policies 

Our clinic policies help us assure the best guest experiences. We look forward to your visit.

TREATMENT AREAS: To offer you the best quality of services clients only in the treatment rooms. If someone is with you we welcome them to enjoy our waiting area.

PHONES: To ensure yourself a most comfortable visit and to respect our other guests, please silence your cell phone in the clinic.

CHILDREN: We do not have childcare services. Due to child safety concerns by insurance, children must stay in reception areas. Please note: small children must have supervised. Please make the necessary arrangements so you can have a great relaxing experience.

PETS:  Per state guidelines only registered service dogs are allowed in a beauty clinic.

SCHEDULING: A credit, debit or check card is necessary to secure your appointment.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Clients with the appearance of a contagious disease must be rescheduled. If you need to adjust your appointment, please call.

LATE ARRIVALS and CANCELLATIONS:  Arriving late can compromise our ability to complete your service in the time allowed.  We send you an email a day in advance to remind you of your appointment. If you need to change a day or time, please call us. We request  24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule. If you are ill, please call at your earliest opportunity to reschedule your appointment.   No shows will have their card charged for 1/2 of the service fee or a $20 minimum.

Permanent cosmetic no-shows: $50.00 charged for a missed appointment. Please call in advance if you need to change.

Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

Thank you for following our clinic policies.  We look forward to your visit.

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2 thoughts on “Clinic Policies”

  1. Hi
    I am new to the permanent cosmetic industry. I purchased and read the book I titled ” permanent makeup & reconstructive tattooing” .
    In the chapter “Why and how to identify skin tone “, at the end your name and website was given as a source for a kit which you developed to easily identify skin type and the underlining tones.

    I am very interested in purchasing this kit.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I regret that kit was discontinued a number of years ago. As an alternative you can purchase any powder blushes. One a cool rosy tone, the other a more bronzy tone. Using a cotton swab swipe it through the powder and apply to the inside of the client’s wrist. Repeat with a clean swab and the second color. Give it about 30 seconds for the color to bloom. Examine in natural light and one will always look better than the other. The better one is an indicator of the clients skin undertone, cool or warm.

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